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  1. fiz a prgosesriva zap so q meu cabelo nao alisou só tirou o volume isso faz uns 21 dias será q posso reaplica-lo novamente antes dos 3 meses??
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  4. AnnApril 4, 2012You can do it! I for one am really looking forward to being able to read it. Your blog is one of the many highlights of my week and has actually made the thought of becoming a mum far less terrifying to me. Spes ultima moritur!
  5. My take on it is that some feel he should stick around until they can have elections and then he can go, some think it would go smoother that way. I suspect that is correct. Miller high lifeThat shit gives me heartburn.
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  11. Hazelstine Posted on You ARE A HEALTHY BLACK GIRL and a great inspiration to others. You have traveled a long road to get from where you were, to where you are now, and to where you will end up. I knew you before your were born and you are some kind of awesome now and forever more! Love you and keep inspiring me.
  12. What a cute story! I will be making tons of these! Wouldn’t these be cute to put on a gift? I may run out of extra beads now. But, I will make some with my son’s favorite sport teams colors. Maybe I could try to add wings for a butterfly? This technique could go far! Woo hoo!!Oh, Doug, I see some people are having some issues viewing the videos. Well, I’m having no problems at all! This is so fun to view on my iPad2! It was worth the wait! Thanks a million!!!
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  17. I LOVE good beer. I actually just moved from Alaska, and due to the long winters Alaskans do beer very well….lot of time in doors and time on your hands… If you can I highly recommend The Moose’s Tooth/The Bear’s Tooth beers & food…very worthwhile ;D
  18. Yes I know, but that was Yiddish and so can go anyhow. Don Was is a record producer and had a band called “Was not was” The real truth of grammar makes the discussion academic as it must mutate with the spoken word such as the Yiddish example has. So…moody verbs or not if people start to say ” I were just going down to Walmart” than that’s correct for any writer to use.
  19. Seriously, best outfit so far love! I am positively drooling over that bag and I can't wait to see the other 10 dresses!It sounds like that late night jumble was something out of a dream! x
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  28. You bet! God is working all things out together for your good because you are called according to His purpose and because you love Him. Thankful for His Divine intervention that kept tragedy at bay!
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  35. · Lan! I enjoy Wendy’s Lookbook, too! I don’t follow her regularly, but I’ve caught her several times on Pinterest and usually like her ideas. Off to check your other recommendations now. Thanks!
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  52. Vix, No-one can work a jumpsuit like you can. I hope Dorset is still nice and sunny for you, and I suggest checking out the charity shops, I found some great purchases around those parts. Xx
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  59. The star ornament is so cute!! And I love the comic...I think I should print it out and show it around at the local retailers...or maybe print it on a T-shirt and wear it!!Your framing is amazing. How did you cut the frame down? Do you have special framing tools? It looks great!
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  69. no, she didn’t make a pickled herring and shaved brussel sprout pizza, did she? Mr. Gnome won’t let me put anchovies on the pizza, never mind pickled herring! (Besides, pickled herring is for New Years, right NDFG?)
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  81. chi (163)- Even if everyone involved could stomach the idea of doing the above……clot: You are kidding, yes? College and university administrators -and the major donors- are some of the lowest forms of life out there. To hear the sewage that comes out of their mouths that passes for their “opinions” is ulcer inducing…..fck them and the sticker prices on their wares……
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  98. Barbara,Thank you so much for taking time to look and you kind remarks. Sorry, I didn’t respond sooner. I’m not keeping up with these posts. Hope to continue to re-focus in the coming months.
  99. hmmm.... I do wonder who IMF's 'average' person is! It's so difficult to establish, isn't it? Maybe I'm average to some, but yet, I haven't thrown ANY clothes away since I was 15. :) And I like your jacket, vintage is the way to go with things like that.
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  128. It does. So many things are making so much sense and I’m feeling better already. I know now that it was never me but her. Now I can go on with my life, despite having plenty to sort through emotionally, and know that it’s NOT me!
  129. LOVE that picture!!What inspires me…Sunsets..SUCKER for sunsets…Friends…My big brother…he makes me cry everytime I talk to him because he can speak so much truth to my heart…Music…more than just the lyrics, the overall SOUND…harmonies, instruments, etc.The wind…sometimes I like to sit and watch the trees and listen to the wind and feel it go through me and let it bring peace.
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