Methods of Preperation


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), childbirth leaves the body with a cold, or “yin” open, empty space. This can be combated by adding “yang” or warm energy through steam and warming herbs. Raw placenta is considered extremely cold which makes it contraindicated in excess during the first few months after delivery. By adding the warming herbs and steaming, the TCM placenta becomes warming for the body, tonifying, and nourishing for the postpartum.

The placenta is inspected, drained, cleansed and then gently steamed with lemon and ginger. Clients have the option of adding hot pepper or frankincense and/or myrrh into the steam, but these options will be discussed prior to processing to determine whether or not they are suitable options for each individual client. The exact combination is determined based on the preferences of the mother, her nutritional sensitivities, and the circumstances surrounding the delivery.  None of these ingredients will ever come in direct contact with the placenta, and these ingredients are not included in the capsules; placenta only.


The placenta is inspected, drained, rinsed and then gently steamed. No herbs are used in the steaming water in this method of preparation. Once steaming is complete, the placenta is sliced and placed in the dehydrator for a minimum of 12 hours.

This method is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method, but removes the use of herbal warming, while keeping the warming process of the steam.  This method is a good choice for clients who are sensitive to excess energies, sensitive to medicine or herbs, who cannot tolerate the additional warming herbs due to medical reasons, or would like to keep it simple and only depend of the power of the placenta alone.


This method of encapsulation is based on the idea that heat destroys vital enzymes in food, so the steaming phase is removed and all preparation is restricted to the lowest possible safe temperatures.  It is inspected, drained, and rinsed then sliced and placed in the dehydrator to process for up to 24 hours. Because the placenta is prepared directly from a raw state, it is important to begin the process as soon as possible, while the placenta is very fresh, to discourage bacteria growth. This process requires an additional 24 hours of processing and preparation time because of the minimum required time it must be dehydrated, however it typically yields a higher capsule count. Many clients also report this method to produce a very intense capsule effect, and some find it to be too intense.

*Clients who choose the Raw Start Method should be aware of the risk of potential bacterial growth inside their capsules. Although the temperature used for dehydration is ideal for preserving vital nutrients, it is not guaranteed to kill off bacteria that may have been introduced to the placenta during the birth process, whether the bacteria comes from the mom/baby or the birth environment. As a trained professional with Bloodborne Pathogens certification and 2 food handler’s licenses, I will process the placenta with extreme care to the best of my ability, however no guarantees can be made that all bacteria will die off during processing. This is also why it is so important that the placenta be very fresh for this processing method!



The odds are that you will be naturally drawn to one of these methods over another. I encourage you to stick with your gut if you’ve received and read through all the information regarding each preparation type. You know your body better than anyone else! And if you are truly undecided, you can choose a 50/50 Method and encapsulate your placenta using two of the listed methods for a $50 processing fee!

If you are unsure or do not elect an option on your order form, I will process using the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) using only lemon and ginger during steaming.   This method has received the best feedback from previous clients, it allows less chance of bacterial growth, and I am able to get your capsules back to you in a shorter period of time so you can begin your placenta healing regimen sooner.

However, I do recommend raw placenta for use in Mother Tinctures and Placenta Smoothies. I find that raw placenta is best in the immediate postpartum and is best used for short term blood building. Because capsules are intended to be taken over longer periods of time, the tonifying and nurturing qualities of the TCM/TM placenta is better suited for long term use to stave off postpartum disorders, improve milk supplies, or assist in healing the body.


**The section above reflect current thoughts on encapsulation methods and are intended to provide information and act as a baseline for each individual client’s decision making. Clients understand Blessed Beginnings Wellness is not a licensed medical professional and is not able to diagnose, treat or prescribe to treat for any health condition. No specific benefits or effects are promised as benefits may vary from person to person.