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  727. Liz in Ink:Oh, my mercy, sister. You and I were separated at birth. What is it with the mixing of joy and terror? Happiness and doubt? Fruit. The bitter and the sweet. We all need to tend to our own small selves, I guess, and for each other we can cheer so that the large selves shine…(I, for example, am giddy for you!)
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  1080. Yeah I first thought 2GB of RAM is not all that bad for games, but now we know it’s not the case! I really wish the system had 4GB of RAM for gaming. It would make a major difference
  1081. Me dull. You smart. That's just what I needed.
  1082. The forum is a brighter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!
  1083. Stellar work there everyone. I'll keep on reading.
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  1085. I couldn't find anywhere else to do it so heres my comment..I think it would be a great idea to add a "select all box" feature in the favorites category that could be used when choosing to remove videos or putting videos in a playlist
  1086. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!
  1087. The best advice I was given was to sit down and write the story. Turn off my internal editor. Focus on the hero and heroine and make sure the reader knows how they are thinking by showing not telling. Give into their internal war against heart and reason and by all means let the heart win. Thanks for your tips! Nan
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  1089. Quando se fala no Dortmund para além de se ignorar a Liga deles, não se diz que de onde bateram até hoje no SCP havia 3 ou 4 direcções, ou seja, nunca chegávamos a hoje.
  1090. Opa, eles são escoceses, pelo menos os irmãos Young. Quando foram morar na Austrália é que conheceram o restante da banca.E protesto pelo "Fly By Night"! hahaha
  1091. Ihanan näköinen "jakoavain". En kuollakseni vain ymmärrä miten se tehdään. Ehkä tämä on jotain kuuluisaa logiikan puutetta, mutta olisi hauska oppia tuo. Peruspalmikon osaan, apupuikolla (olen käyttänyt topseja, yllättävän hyvin silmukat pysyvät siinä...) olevat silmukat olen laittanut työn etupuolelle. Pitääkö tuossa jakoavaimessa osa silmukoista laittaa eteen ja osa taakse, vai miten ihmeessä moinen tehdään....Hölmöläinen(kö).
  1092. Legile Universului pe care, în realitate, nu le cunoaÅŸtem, despre care putem doar presupune…Timpul în sine nu există, este o creaÅ£ie a noastră, o convenÅ£ie ÅŸi, pe mine, transcenderea mă duce cu gândul la o dimensiune fără timp…
  1093. I'm impressed. You've really raised the bar with that.
  1094. This is what I struggle with the most! Salads just leave me hungrier for some reason. When I used to eat chicken with salad as a meal, I would be so soo hungry less than 2 hrs later. So I’m like, what Do I eat. I feel I need sweet things daily -sometimes instead of meals, but it’s really not good. I’ve eaten soo much chocolate. I just Need to sort diet out, cos I don’t want to be struggling with weight gain in years to come. I’m glad exams are finishing next week, so I can try again. x
  1095. oh my goodness, this is just so cool Ashley, love those view master wheels and how you did your title, yes that is a challenge to use just PP, I love my cardstock base...I'll have to give it a try on my next page :)