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Hello and welcome to Blessed Beginnings Wellness, LLC!

Blessed Beginnings Wellness, LLC specializes in Placenta Encapsulation and related services. I am able to not only encapsulate your placenta, but I can create tinctures, healing salves, body creams, and can even incorporate your placenta into certain recipes – smoothies and chocolates included!

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has revered the placenta as a powerful and invaluable part of the postpartum healing process. After giving birth many new mothers experience blood loss, fatigue, and a sharp drop in their pregnancy hormones; all of which are thought of as key factors in the development of the “baby blues” and postpartum depression (PPD). Full of Qi (life energy), placenta aids in postpartum wellness by replenishing your system with natural iron &; protein and helps reintroduce these essential hormones back into your system. The placenta contains vitamins and minerals that may help fight depression symptoms. It is also rich in iron and protein, all of which is thought to directly benefit the recovering mother.

As a mother who has suffered through the “baby blues,” as well as postpartum depression and anxiety, I believe these conditions should not be accepted as a normal part of postpartum recovery. I believe mothers should be afforded the opportunity to simply focus on their new little blessings instead of fighting through the rollercoaster of emotions that follow childbirth. I am excited to continue helping mothers in the Denver Metro area enjoy their postpartum experiences naturally, with as much happiness and peace as possible! Allow me to focus on YOU while you focus on your new addition and enjoy your “baby moon!”

Did you know?

  • Your placenta may help increase your general energy
  • Your placenta may help you return to health quicker after birth
  • Your placenta may help prevent the “baby blues”

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What are the Healing Properties of Placenta?

Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone: Contributes to mammary gland development in preparation for lactation; stabilizes postpartum mood; regulates post-birth uterine ramping; decreases depression; normalizes and stimulates libido.

Oxytocin: Decreases pain and increases bonding in mother and infant; counteracts the production of stress hormones such as Cortisol; greatly reduces postpartum bleeding; enhances the breastfeeding let-down reflex; promotes bonding between mother and infant.

Iron: Replenishes maternal iron stores to combat anemia, a common postpartum condition. Increases energy; decreases fatigue and depression.

Corticotrophin Releasing Hormone (CRH): Low levels of CRH are implicated in postpartum depression. Regulation of CRH helps prevent depression.